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Nico Stephou

Graphic Designer
Art Director
Multidisciplinary Artist

+ 357 96404991

Graphic designer, art director as well as a multidisciplinary artist from Cyprus. As a designer he is working on identities, printed matter, digital projects and visual research. As an art director he has worked for multiple foundations, record labels and art projects.

He has also co-founded the community platform and record label Honest Electronics and the yearly festival “The Gathering”.

In 2017 he has graduated from the Graphic Design Department of "Gerrit Rietveld Academie" in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sickle & Code

10 Posters & Visual Communication

"Sickle & Code is an international exhibition, part of Phygital, a programme conceptualised for Cyprus by Dr. Chrystalleni Loizidou within the scope of investigating contemporary movements towards a knowledge-sharing economy that reconsiders capitalist definitions of credit, labour and production. More specifically, in Sickle & Code, Cypriot and international artists present works that reflect, confront and re-evaluate current models of producing under the conjunction of global digital commons of knowledge.

The exhibition was accompanied by several parallel events that include makeathons, workshops, tours for schools and art schools, presentations, talks, performances and screenings."

Dishonest 2019

Custom Typography, Logo, Posters

"Dishonest is the dance devoted sub-label of Honest Electronics record label. With it the team hosts 24h raves either in the city or the mountains that fund the sub-label's only-vinyl release vision.


Piece for 'Pentadaktylos Contemporaries' exhibition at Leventios Municipal Gallery, Nicosia. Digitall Illustrations, Javascript.

"Rockery is a visual research of the 7 Endangered & Endemic plants of Pentadakylos Mountain range."

Typeface for 'Genesis Breyer P-Orridge' interview on King Kong Magazine

Custom Typography, Layout Design, Guest Graphic Designer

Minerals, MJUT Club, Leipzig

Custom Typography, Logo, Posters

"The idea behind Minerals is to create a space where music and creativity in any shape will melt together. We want to bring you an out-of-the-ordinary club experience, infused with the soundtrack of the vibe that every night is dedicated to."

S//IP Club, Nicosia

Branding, Logo, Posters

"In the centre of Nicosia emerges something set to fill the void, and push further than ever before; something true to the essence of club culture, where racism, sexism and homophobia do not exist."

Dishonest 2018

Art Direction
Graphic Design

The Gathering 4!

Art Direction
Graphic Design

The Gathering III

Art Direction
Graphic Design

The Gathering is a yearly festival organised by Honest Electronics in order to promote underground talent from Cyprus. This year the festival was split in four events. A night of record label presentations, two nights of live ambient & downtempo electronic music and a rave of 24h.

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Photos by Demetris Shammas

Thkio Ppalies

EBB & FLOW by Shammaes

Poster Design

Opening: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 19:00
Ebb & Flow was a sound installation by Shammaes that brought together their respective interests in sound, design and architecture. The installation itself collides classic dualities, but by placing them in direct confrontation it ends up problematizing them.

mechanics and dynamics.
automata and avalanches.
harmonic and chaotic.

As time changes so do sounds and their convolution. The mechanical oscillation’s contact with soil is done at the expense of harmonicity and constancy. In some sense then, this form of oscillation resembles more and more to some other, more primordial ones; namely, that of a tide’s ebb and flow.

Silver Daze

Logo Design


Personal Multidisciplinary Performance

“Orbital” is a multidisciplinary project in which Nico has created sounds out of shapes. By creating a family of symbols, he proposes a language. These symbols are translated into records, one record for each. The combination of these symbols lead to sound-sentences. By playing four of them at the same time on a quadraphonic sound system, a sonic image of this graphical conversation is created. The performance at Thkio Ppalies lasted for three hours. The crowd was able to walk in and out of the space at any time as the atmosphere was intended for meditation.

Modus Operandi 17
Visual Artists Assosiation of Cyprus

Logo Design
Publication Design
Website Design

Modus Operandi 2017 (MO.17), deals with emerging artists under the age of 35, and during their early professional stage. It aims to present a matrix of practices, as well as their connections to local culture and the world, as they currently stand.

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