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Nikos Stephou is a graphic designer, art director as well as a multidisciplinary artist from Cyprus. As a designer he is working on identities, printed matter, digital projects and visual research. As an art director he has worked for multiple foundations, record labels and art projects.

He has also co-founded the community platform and record label Honest Electronics and the yearly festival “The Gathering”.

In 2017 he has graduated from the Graphic Design Department of "Gerrit Rietveld Academie" in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


2011 — 2013
Art & Design Foundation
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

2013 — 2017
BA Graphic Design
Gerrit Rietveld Academie


2019 — King Kong Magazine
Design of complete 400 pages issue #9, UK

2015 — ‘People of Cyprus’ by Cyprus Puzzle
Illustrations for four infographic animated videos.


2019 — 'Rockery' Piece for 'Pentadaktylos Contemporaries' exhibition at Leventios Municipal Gallery, Nicosia. (Digital Illustrations, Javascript)

2017 — ‘Orbital’ multidisciplinary performance at Thkio Ppalies Artists-Run Space

2020 — ‘Κίνδυνος’ album out on Honest Electronics

2015 — ‘Aqua Spells’ album out on Speaker Footage record label

Selected Freelance Employment:

2020 — The River Speaks (ongoing)
UX & UI design for the historical experience app about the Pedieos river.
Funded by Silvia Ioannou Foundation, Harokopio University of Athens

2020 — Formworks (ongoing)
Book Design for critical curatorial project organized by Thkio Ppalies Artists-Led Space
Funded by Cultural Services, Ministry of Education

2019 — Images & Views of Alternative Cinema Festival
Visual Communication Material (Physical Posters & Social Media), Physical Catalogue Design
Funded by Cultural Services, Ministry of Education

2019 — Sickle & Code
Branding & Visual Communication for Series of Events for Maker Space and Exhibition,
Organised and funded by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation and the Lakatamia Municipality

2019 — Theo Mass Lexileictus
Funded by Audi

2018 — Modus Operandi
An archive of 56 local young artists, Catalogue Design, Website Design, Informative Publications Design.
Cyprus Visual Artists Association

2017 — Thkio Ppalies Artist’s Lead Space
Series of audiovisual events with Pantelis Diamantides, Nikos Stephou and Panayotis Mina
Posters, Catalogue Booklets Design, Participant with personal multidisciplinary performance.
Funded by Cultural Services, Ministry of Education

2016-20 — Honest Electronics
Local Electronic music record label
Management, Budgeting, Branding, Packaging, Artwork design and Visual Communication

2016-20 — The Gathering Festival
Management, Personal Relations, Artists & Repertoire, Human Resources, Budgeting, Branding, Artwork design and Visual Communication.

2011-13 — XORKO Collective & Festival
Management, Personal Relations, Artists & Repertoire, Human Resources, Budgeting, Branding, Artwork design and Visual Communication.

Sickle & Code

Visual Communication
Digital Illustration
Visual Research

Sickle & Code is an international exhibition, part of Phygital, a programme conceptualised for Cyprus by Dr. Chrystalleni Loizidou within the scope of investigating contemporary movements towards a knowledge-sharing economy that reconsiders capitalist definitions of credit, labour and production. More specifically, in Sickle & Code, Cypriot and international artists present works that reflect, confront and re-evaluate current models of producing under the conjunction of global digital commons of knowledge.

The exhibition was accompanied by several parallel events that include makeathons, workshops, tours for schools and art schools, presentations, talks, performances and screenings."

Sickle & Code is organised by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation as part of project Phygital (an Interreg V 2014-2020 BalkanMed, EU-funded programme) and co-organized in collaboration with the University of Nicosia Fine Arts Programme (Department of Design and Multimedia) and the Municipality of Lakatamia. Ιmplementation partner: Thkio Ppalies. Curated by Peter Eramian, Elena Parpa, Evanthia (Evi) Tselika.

The River Speaks

App Design
Logo Design

This will be an educational and recreational mobile application on the cultural history of the Pediaios river. It will navigate users along the riverside park from its starting point in downtown Nicosia and will be suitable for use by the general public. It will encourage users to slow down and observe the river environment as well as provide more in-depth information on the history and ecology of the river and its interaction with people through time. The app will include a variety of sensory prompts and activities as well as rich archival visual material.

The mobile application A River Speaks is part of a two-year research project funded by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation and has been designed by Despo Pasia and Evanthia Tselika

WADS (↑ ← → ↓)

Ars Electronica Festival Austria

Visual Communication for Event


RISE CoE, with the support of the Austrian Embassy, is proud to be participating in the Ars Electronica Festival 2020 titled “In Kepler’s Gardens”, that will take place between the 9th and 13th of September.

The global circumstances led Ars Electronica to reimagine this year’s festival format. Numerous events organised by its invited partners will be realised at their own locales around the world and will be digitally interconnected. Artists, scientists and audiences will embark on a journey through networked biotopes and ecosystems suggestive of new modes of world-building.

In this spirit and following its own mission, RISE invites local artists to pollinate the digital by employing a technique derived from gardening: namely, grafting. WADS, a digital garden of commoning formed by 21 local artists, sets out to explore the potential of digital hubs as grounds of artistic and technological co-creation. The digital exhibition is created and experienced in the online environment of Mozilla Hubs and will be accessible through the Ars Electronica Digital Platform.

Images & Views of Alternative Cinema Festival

Catalogue Book Design
Visual Communication

Since its very first year, organisers and their associates have sought to showcase experimental cinema, through a truly diverse programme, giving audiences an opportunity to come into contact with the work of different film makers, artistic movements and cinema trends. Their common denominator is the exploration of the aesthetic and formalistic possibilities of audiovisual art, experimentation, social and existential concerns and the questioning of academic film writing. Often, the festival combines film language with other forms of audiovisual expression, such as video-art and animations.

The Festival entitled ‘Images and Views of Alternative Cinema’, is an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Theatro Ena, in cooperation with the Cultural Organisation Brave New Culture and Point Centre for Contemporary Art. Through its programmes, it aims to highlight experimental and alternative cinematographic expression.

Visual Artists Assosiation of Cyprus

Logo Design

The Visual Artists Αssociation (EI.KA) was founded in 2006 in Nicosia by a small group of artists. Today, it represents a large number of professional artists and art theorists, who work for the promotion and progress of art and culture. The aim of the association is to support the rights of artists and to create a legal framework for the status of the artist, including medical care, social security and pension allowance.

Funded by Ministry of Education and Culture

Modus Operandi 17
by Visual Artists Assosiation of Cyprus

Website Design
Publication Design
Logo DesignVisual Communication

Modus Operandi 2017 (MO.17), deals with emerging artists under the age of 35, and during their early professional stage. It aims to present a matrix of practices, as well as their connections to local culture and the world, as they currently stand.

Funded by Ministry of Education and Culture

Minerals, MJUT Club, Leipzig


Custom Typography

Visual Communication for Event

"The idea behind Minerals is to create a space where music and creativity in any shape will melt together. We want to bring you an out-of-the-ordinary club experience, infused with the soundtrack of the vibe that every night is dedicated to."

Honest Electronics

Website Design
Artwork design
Visual Communication

Honest Electronics is a Cypriot independent record label and a collective that aims to activate locals to perform in a do-it-together social platform.

The record label works as a stand-alone company, highlighting and promoting the works of individuals who are active in the community. Our work with Honest is to provide artists with guidance and services like industry and technical know-how, and art direction.

With this network, we have been able to accomplish big projects such as our yearly festival ‘The Gathering’. Last year’s festival was a very important milestone. It was an only-local artists version, compiled by 40 artists that are part of our community and collective. The triumphant success of the festival had established confidence and pride that was very well needed within the community.
It is currently being run by (me) Designer & Multidisciplinary Artist Nikos Stephou and Sound Engineer & Event Organiser Aristos Ioannou.

The Gathering Festival

Honest Electronics

Personal Relations
Artists & Repertoire
Human Resources
Artwork Design
Visual Communication

During the first phase of Honest, we would carry the following motto: ‘An action to highlight the importance of local networking while simultaneously attempting to connect with an international network.’ Therefore two things were important for us; organizing our local scene and meeting other similar minded international scenes. The first gathering had an equal amount of local and international participant acts and the name “The Gathering” was inspired by this idea. The act of bringing artists together that would have otherwise only met online.

Later our priority shifted to the first part of the equation as the Cypriot scene blossomed and we became very interested in managing and promoting it. No doubt, we’re still very interested in international networking and we still are taking steps to encourage such connections, but it’s not the motto of the festival anymore.


Visual Communication for Event

Dishonest is a sublabel of Honest Electronics in responsible for a numerous of benefitial events for the local scene. With those events, Honest Electronics, is able to fund production of more records.

S//IP Club, Nicosia



Website Design

Visual Communication for Event

"In the centre of Nicosia emerges something set to fill the void, and push further than ever before; something true to the essence of club culture, where racism, sexism and homophobia do not exist."


Visual Communication for Event

Raster-Noton was a German electronic music record label established in 1999. Based in Chemnitz, Germany, it emerged from the fusion of Rastermusik, founded by Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider in 1996, and Noton (Archiv für Ton und Nichtton), a sublabel which was run by Carsten Nicolai.


Piece for 'Pentadaktylos Contemporaries'
exhibition at Leventios Municipal Gallery, Nicosia.

Digital Illustrations

"Rockery is a visual research of the 7 Endangered & Endemic
plants of Pentadakylos Mountain range."


Multidisciplinary Performance

At Thkio Ppalies Artists-Led Space

“Orbital” is a multidisciplinary project in which Nico has created sounds out of shapes. By creating a family of symbols, he proposes a language. These symbols are translated into records, one record for each. The combination of these symbols lead to sound-sentences. By playing four of them at the same time on a quadraphonic sound system, a sonic image of this graphical conversation is created.

The performance at Thkio Ppalies lasted for three hours. The crowd was able to walk in and out of the space at any time as the atmosphere was intended for meditation.

Funded by Ministry of Education and Culture

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